Henry Wadsworth Longfellow said, “Into each life some rain must fall.” Then the Ink Spots said it again in their 1944 song by the same name. I have a sneaking suspicion Marilyn and I will be seeing more than our share this week. Monday was one such day. It rained most of the morning, then cleared up for a few hours then came down in buckets again overnight.

Perusing the forecast for the week, I’m thinking this afternoon may be our best chance to visit the Annapolis Royal Historical Gardens. Tune in again tomorrow for news on that front.

So, for supper last night we decided to try Chinese take-out from Charlie’s Place in Annapolis Royal. I called it in and picked it up 20 minutes later. Curiously enough, this seems to be one of the few establishments I’ve seen still concerned about Covid. That’s not a criticism, merely an observation. It’s a dine-in restaurant but closed for dining in. Only open for take out. They have a table set up out in the entryway and the guy who brings out the food is wearing a mask, hence my assumption that it is Covid related.

Anyway, the food was okay but not the best we’ve ever had. Looking forward to see what gastronomical delights we sample this evening. Can you feel the tension?

After supper I took Annabelle for a ramble around the yard. We discovered there is a vegetable garden hidden in the overgrowth. Weeds are up to 4 feet tall and down in amongst them the veggies are struggling to survive. It looks like they planted it and left it to fend for itself.

Then Marilyn and I decided to sit in the gazebo and play cards. It was a close game but I whomped her in the end. Good thing she’s not a sore loser.

Temperature went down to about 15 overnight with lots of thunder boomers and lightning flashes. I think somebody heard me mention it was so quiet here. Anyway, slept like a baby despite the ruckus.