I would complain about all the rain we’re getting but it seems most of the province is getting it as well so I’ll bite my tongue. We hung around the shack all day much to Annabelle’s delight, but ventured out for supper.

This time we chose TacoCat in Smith’s Cove. I’ll say this much for TacoCat, their food is far more authentic Mexican than Taco Bell. We both had the chili and I added a Chimichanga which was delicious. The chili was a little spicy but very tasty.

After supper we drove through Smith’s Cove, then out to Bear River, which is always scenic, even on an overcast and rainy day.

It’s raining again now as we return to our cozy cottage and settle in for the night. Looking forward to a beautiful sunny day tomorrow to take in the activities in Annapolis Royal. Farmer’s market in the morning followed by a chance to visit a local museum or two.

The Annapolis Royal 5K race is being held on Sunday. What a shame we won’t be here for that.

Spotted this old truck at the Still Fired Distillery on our way back into Annapolis Royal. Apparently they’re famous for such treats as Granny’s Apple Pie Moonshine, Strawberry Rhubarb Moonshine. and Vanilla Bean Vodka. Sounds positively Walton’s Mountain-ish doesn’t it? https://www.stillfireddistilleries.com/products

We’re quickly running out of vacation, but it’s been a good one so far and we have no complaints. Well maybe just a tiny complaint about the rain. Annabelle says,  “What rain?”