We started planning this year’s vacation several months ago. As usual, many things transpired since then to make it look like it might not happen, but we persevered and here we are.

I finished my last 12 hour night shift at the Aberdeen hospital in New Glasgow, Saturday morning, got a couple of hours’ sleep when I got home, then started the final preparations. This included building a  modification on the truck so we could load the canoe, kindly loaned to us by Johnathan and Jessica. Packing all our gear turned out to be a major engineering feat, ending late in the evening, stowing the last few items as the rain started falling again.

Sunday dawned dull and damp, as the rain, which fell all night, continued to try, but failed, to dampen our enthusiasm. It was Marilyn’s turn to sacrifice some sleep, and we were on the road by ten past eight. Rain continued to fall, heavily at times, as long as we remained in Nova Scotia. Not long after entering New Brunswick, we drove out of the rain. I predicted we would see it again when it came time to unload the truck at our destination.

As planned, we dropped in to see granddaughter, Anaya, and Tristan at their rural acreage near Keswick Ridge.

After a short visit, we journeyed on to our final destination, Black River Bridge. Rain held off all afternoon and upon arrival in the Miramichi area, we decided to stop at Dairy Queen in Chatham for supper. By the time we finished eating, the rain had started again. Sometimes I hate it when I’m right. However, it wasn’t a downpour, so I was able to unload most of our things without getting soaked.

The AirBnB proved to be very cozy. Annabelle walked right in, checked everything out and made herself to home. We settled down for a well earned sleep. More tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Our 2024 Vacation – Day One”
  1. It looks like you’re all set to have a very enjoyable time away. Any place that has Annabelle’s seal of approval, must be a great place indeed!

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