Well, we got off to a great start Saturday, our first official day of vacation this year. We got an even earlier start than we’d planned, so it made for less of a rush for last minute packing and loading. Sure glad we got the truck, however, we did leave the kitchen sink at home. I managed to take a tumble off the back of the truck at one point during loading. My many thanks to the tonneau cover manufacturers for fastening the cross members in with a little loop of Velcro instead of something secure. Result: one strained wrist and torn jeans but it could have been far worse.

Sunny and clear, it made for a pleasant drive to the valley. Annabelle wasn’t too fussy about being cooped up in the carrier, but we only heard small mews of complaint from time to time, not the full-on yowling we’d experienced on other occasions. We stopped twice along the way to take her for a walk and offer food and water, but she was far more interested in exploring. At one point she plunged into a thicket of six foot tall brambles, got her leash wrapped around a sapling, and I suffered minor lacerations working my way in to release her. Needless to say  I held her back from deep exploration after that.

We arrived at the cottage in Granville Ferry mid afternoon and found it to be everything it was advertised to be and more. What a lovely peaceful place. Seemed to take longer to unload the truck than to load it, but probably just my imagination, partially due to the sweat running in my eyes. Then, we set up the screen tent in the backyard. (More sweat.) Then back to explore the cottage and try to arrange our gear.

After some perusal on Google Maps we decided on a spot for our first supper out and made our way to the Fort Ann Cafe in Annapolis Royal. The burgers were great. The waiter told us they were made with locally grown beef and bacon as well as locally sourced cheddar cheese. Marilyn managed to nearly get herself dragged away by the local police but I smoothed things over and secured her release. Sometimes I wonder about her.

After supper we decided to take a little jaunt over to Digby to see if Walmart had any outdoor cushions for our new lounge chairs, but no luck, they were all sold out. So I made do with a new pair of sandals which I will likely only wear for this vacation, however, that’s another story. I suppose there’s always next year. There is a Home Hardware in Annapolis Royal so we’ll take a look there on Monday.

Annabelle was quick to lay claim to the weird looking chair from IKEA. She whispered privately she’d like us to take it home when we go.

So, all in all our first day went pretty well. We came back and noodled on our respective computers for a while (WIFI not great but is working) then called it a night. Feel free to subscribe if you’d like to be notified whenever there is a new post in this space. Use the form in the top of the sidebar where its says “Never Miss Another Post”.






2 thoughts on “Day ONE of Vacation 2023

  1. Looks and sounds like a great vacation. Looking forward to reading more Bill.
    Give Marilyn a big hug from me ok, oh and of course tell her to give you one from me too ????

  2. I take it the local constabulary was in for a burger too and Marilyn just wanted a cool photo. Glad you are taking a break, brother. Enjoy to time away, rain or shine. Love Allan & Pat

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