Two years ago I ignored the warnings of a storm with high winds and rain and the roof of our gazebo was totally destroyed. We managed to find the last roof replacement in the Maritimes the following summer.

So when the warnings came for the storm last night I thought I would do my best to preserve the canvas covering for at least one more year, and rushed to dismantle and put it away even as the rain began to fall.

All stowed away except the frame and even hauled all the chairs and the two tables down and stowed them in the shed. In the process, I manage to bend part of the frame, so another repair in the spring. But I did more than that. I removed the place where our cat Annabelle, spends a lot of her time relaxing.

So the result was, the storm wasn’t as severe as forecast, and Anabelle decide to find a new place to hang out at our son’s place next door. (Apparently their chair cushions are a lot cushier.) That got their dog, Willoughby all worked up and she got sent packing. Who knew an attempt to save a gazebo for another year would have such far reaching consequences?