Day three of our vacation turned out to be a mix of good and bad.

I’ll start with the bad first. Our lovely new screen tent, purchased especially for this trip, got decimated by the torrential rains last night. Water gathered in the roof until the weight pulled the light weight aluminum frame down twisting it badly and snapping several sections like match sticks.

To be fair, we did get a couple of hours use out of it, playing cards out there last evening. Some things just aren’t meant to work out I guess.

The rain finally stopped at some point in the early morning and by noon the sun was peaking through. By mid afternoon it was a lovely sunny day once more so we took ourselves over to the Annapolis Royal Historic Gardens. Little did we know it covered 17 acres but we soon found out not all the paths are suitable for a wheel chair. One kind lady did come along and offer to take a picture of us though, so there’s that.

And there she goes after doing her good deed for the day.

It seemed quite a lot of the flowers in the garden were already over with for this year but there was still plenty of beauty to be seen. No doubt in my mind the staff has done a lot of work to the place to get it to this stage.

So, that covers the bad news and the slightly better news. The good news was our choice of a place to have supper. After much hemming and hawing and consultation with Google we decided to try Whiskey Teller. We knew it was a pub due to the word Whiskey in the name but we were puzzled about the Teller part, so we asked our waitress. She said years ago the building had been a bank so when they converted it to a pub they decided to pay tribute to it’s earlier purpose. 

Both of our meals were absolutely delicious. Marilyn had the fish and chips and her only complaint was that she couldn’t finish all the chips. I had Crispy Fried Ribs, Rotisserie smoked, root beer BBQ, and zucchini pickles. Finger lickin’ good, and believe me there was a lot of finger lickin’.

Once we got back to the cottage we had the sad task of taking down our decimated screen tent and packing it away in hopes it can be repaired and used again. I planned to use it as a sun and rain shelter over my sawmill but now I don’t know if it’s sturdy enough for that.

Anabelle was relieved to see us get back to put supper in her bowl. Time to finish off another relaxing evening with our respective computer screens and a chance to contemplate tomorrow’s activities.