So, this is what approximately 150 pine tree roots look like when they’re popped out of the ground and piled in one place.  When the original owner of this house planted all these beautiful trees in straight rows, I don’t believe he gave much thought to how much work was ahead for someone 40 or 50 years later. Not his problem right?

Well, we are making progress. I fired up the sawmill a few times and got some boards cut, but for the most part the weather has just been too hot for this kind of work. Cooler days ahead though and we’ll gradually reduce the log piles into something more useable and/or saleable.

As the days get cooler and fire bans are lifted, we will begin the task of burning said stumps, bringing us closer to transforming this space into something more attractive. Between milling lumber, cutting up and chipping branches and tops, burning roots, and transforming the area, we have our work cut out for us.

On the other hand, the garden is looking pretty good this year. It makes a big difference not having the shade from the pine trees. Between copious amounts of rain this year and some really hot and humid days, the garden is thriving nonetheless. Even though we were a couple of weeks late in planting, we’ve enjoyed copious radishes, tender green and yellow beans, and fresh peas. The corn is in tassel, and soon time to pull a few baby potatoes out from under their mothers.

On another note, Marilyn and I will be leaving on our vacation this coming weekend. Only two more 12 hour night shifts to go and Saturday we’re on our way to our AirBnB  in beautiful Granville Ferry, Nova Scotia, for 8 days. Fingers and toes crossed that the weather will cooperate, but regardless we intend to relax in the peace and quite and maybe take in a few of the local sights and gastronomic delights.


5 thoughts on “Just Another Step in the Plan

  1. Looking good brother. Did you get a Bobcat out to pop the roots? The garden looks good as well. We have a shady yard problem, so only planted potatoes, tomatoes and carrots this year. We have been eating ripe tomatoes since July 15, and potatoes and carrots since a week after. Due to the early heat this May, everything is ripening at lightning speed and the potato vines are done. Hope you and Marilyn have a great vacation and take some time to recharge. Love Allan & Pat

    1. No. We had a fellow with an excavator pop then pile them. There are still a few under the log piles snd brush piles but we’ll have to deal with those later.

  2. I checked out Grandville Ferry and it looks absolutely delightful. Have a great time.

  3. Thanks for all of your work in the wood lot and garden Dad. I’m sure with each year, our continued efforts will have things looking and producing increasingly better.

  4. Your vegetables look delightfully healthy Bill. Fantastic.

    Good luck with your milling and cleanup projects.

    An interesting article. Thanks.

    West Aussie

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