Snow Drawn HeartFebruary has been a month of cold and snow and wind and all things wintery. Of course that’s what winter is for right? It seems as though a lot of people are getting tired of winter already.

Well good NEWS! Only 20 days till the first day of spring. Naturally winter is no respecter of calendar dates, but at least it’s something to look forward to. Some of the facts I’ve been able to discover in regards to the first day of spring are as follows:

21 Mar 2002 In New Brunswick and Nova Scotia the first day of spring dawned rather wintry. Overnight more than 20cm snow got dumped. Schools were closed and transport disrupted. Moncton was one of the snowiest places with 26cm snow whilst 22cm fell in Fredericton and 19cm in Saint John.

21 Mar 2011 The coldest first day of spring in our area in the past 10 years got as low as -15.

Symbol of spring - snowdrops - HD Desktop/photo21 Mar 2012 it got up to +18.8 in the Truro area. We could handle a day like that all right.

21 Mar 2014 Last year, the temperatures hung right around the freezing mark all day. Still better than we’ve had lately.

So like any other day in Nova Scotia there could be a wide variety of weather in store but as they say it’s all down hill from there.