IMG_6793Wow! And we thought we had a rough winter last year! It was a walk in the park compared to this year. And it would appear that it’s not over yet by a long shot.

When we moved into this apartment last summer it was with the thought that there would be no more snow shoveling required. Wrong! I think I’ve done about as much snow shoveling as almost any previous year. In fact I sure miss my good old snow blower.

Yes the plow does show up eventually to clear the parking lot, but before that happens we have to shovel out the car so it’s ready to be moved to a clear space as soon as it’s available, so the plow can clear out the side where the cars are usually parked.

Yes some guys eventually show up to shovel off the steps and the sidewalk and a path to the garbage shed, but if we wait for them to show up sometimes we can’t even get the front door open.

Sunday we had another big storm and when it was over I went out and shoveled for over an hour. In the process I somehow managed to throw my back out of whack and have been laid up in pain for a couple of days.

Then this storm arrived last night and has been snowing and blowing all day. Still coming down as hard as ever. However, I popped a couple of Tylenol 3 and went out to do battle once more. Son James arrived on his way to work to drop off Grandson Matthew to spend the night, so I enlisted his help to do some of the shoveling. Before we could do that though, it took the three of us about a half hour to get James car back out of the parking lot and up the hill. Solid ice under fresh wet snow is not a good traction combination.IMG_6796

Even though he’s off on Spring break from school Matthew says he’s been shoveling snow all week. I just told him it would help to build up his muscles so he could impress the girls. He didn’t seem all that impressed with that idea.

Anyway, thanks for your help Matthew, I guess you’ve earned your supper.

More snow expected later this week. If it doesn’t stop soon there will be no place to put it and we may be blocked in till June.

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  1. Great job Matthew! Sorry I can’t offer you more snow shoveling work here, the cars are inside and the driveway is done by a contractor. There are huge snow piles here to tunnel into and make forts though!

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