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The Christmas Santa Didn’t Make It — 5 Comments

  1. Makes me realize how lucky I was that Santa was always able to make his deliveries on time, each and every year. Even when we had no chimney for him to come down… Leaving snowy footprints from the patio doors, much to mother’s dismay I’m sure. Merry Christmas!

  2. Great story, Bill. Back in those days, Santa didn’t bring a lot so it was wonderful when he made it. In our house, we got one good present and then some candy and an orange in our stocking. Kids sure get lots of presents nowadays but I bet they aren’t any happier than we were back then. Christmas and family is what mattered the most!

    • June I remember the year you got the store set complete with candy and cash register and scale. Your Mom and Dad made you let me play with it with you. I think you would have much rather had it to yourself but then so would I if I’d been in your shoes. Ahhh but you were a pretty good cousin.

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