Happy Season, Sad Season

Christmas Tree Ornaments Stock PhotosAs Christmas draws ever closer I can’t help looking back over all the Christmases in my past that meant the most to me. Of course when we are very young it seems to be mostly about the tree, Santa Claus, and gifts.

As we get older we realize it was a lot more than that. It was the drawing together of families, the sharing of good food, and the creation of memories. Let’s face it, if we live long enough it all boils down to the memories.

I remember Christmases surrounded by cousins, aunts, uncles, and grand-parents., and of course, now that I’m a grand-parent myself I realize how fleeting these happy moments are and how precious.

Marilyn and I experienced one such brief moment in time last evening when eleven of us gathered in our living room to share a turkey dinner, some conversation and some reminiscing. We need these moments in our lives to recharge our family batteries so to speak. To reconnect and fortify those connections.

Teenage Depression Photo & Picture -920But, then I’m reminded of the many people around us who are not so fortunate and Christmas time serves as a magnifier to remind them how lonely or sad they are. People who are facing deaths in the family or just the desolation of being alone after many happy years with a beloved partner.

Lets try not to lose any opportunity to reach out to those less fortunate  in any way we can and help ease their pain. We will be rewarded for our efforts in so many ways.