Just wanted to share a bit of the progress Jason and I are making with our backyard logging venture.

First the chipping process which will be ongoing for a few months yet. Almost 200 trees have an awful lot of branches and tops to be processed. We burned some in the winter, but with the heat and fire danger now, we opted to chip them. Anybody need some mulch?

Then, we finally got the sawmill set up. Took a while to clear enough space for it. And now the sawdust
production part of things is well underway.


8 thoughts on “Update on Our Backyard Logging Operation

  1. Looks like a going concern, brother. So many questions. Just how many trees did nature or you take down? Are you able to sell the lumber? What do the neighbours think? Our city is installing fiber optic cable throughout the whole city and the noise and mess created by the hydro vac and horizontal boring machines is really harshing my mellow. Luckily, there was only one access hole installed on my property. Hope everyone is well. Give our love to Marilyn and the kids. Love Allan and Pat

    1. Yes I forgot not everyone has been following our progress on Facebook. Sorry about that. There were about 75 trees or so, all 40 to 50 feet tall, resulting in the neighborhood of 700 to 750 logs and a huge mass of branches and tops. Hurricane Fiona took down about half of them on the north side of the grove, all leaning against the ones on the south side. Taking only the toppled ones would then expose the remainder to the prevailing winds from the next hurricane, and there will be a next hurricane, we just don’t know when. The remaining trees would then be within reach of Jason and Maureen’s house and the power lines, so we opted to cut them all down.
      The neighbors and everyone else in the vicinity has been used to chain saws and power equipment running ever since Fiona. We don’t start making noise till about 10 o’clock on week days and a little later on weekends.
      As for selling the lumber, it needs to dry one year per inch of thickness before it can be planed and used in normal construction. We may use some of it greener to build outdoor furniture, picnic tables, benches, planters, etc. We do hope to recoup our expenses, which have been considerable, from the sale of lumber, but it will take time.
      Hope that answers your questions. I’ll post more pics and\or videos as they become available.

      1. No need to apologize. Sounds like the hurricane made a real mess. I think we talked about that in our last call. Agreed. They have been stripping the lodgepole pines killed by the Mountain Pine Beetles in Jasper and leaving the aspens and birch. They seldom last a season. Sad to see but nature happens. As to the noise, we have been listening to hydro vac and horizontal boring machines here for the last few month, as they run fiber optic cables. Yesterday was particularly bad. Today is quieter. Thanks for your answers. Cheers. Allan

  2. Hi Bill and Jason

    Thanks for the videos of your machines at work. Sure going to keep you folk occupied for some time to come.

    Look forward to watching more video of your projects.

    Perth West Aussie

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