flagsOver the years I’ve been fortunate enough, or unfortunate, depending on how you look at it, to have traveled to every province and territory in Canada except the Yukon. I really want to go there some day though.

I’ve been in every US state except Alaska and Hawaii. Those are still on my bucket list too. Ya never know.

When I was travelling stateside a lot many people asked me, “What’s your favorite state?” Mostly I’d just answer, the one I’m in right now, the state of confusion.

I’ve come to the conclusion that every state, province and territory has something to recommend them. For some it’s the scenery. For some it’s the casinos. Had to get my wife outta them states fast.

But for me there’s one thing I look for each place I go.  It’s the people. Now don’t get me wrong there are nice people everywhere, well maybe not New Jersey….I’m kidding! There are a couple of nice people even there.

But for a real people experience it has to be Newfoundland hands down. Marilyn and I were on a very short vacation there a few years ago and I don’t know when I’ve run into a nicer bunch of people. Of course I apologized and helped them back up. “ba-dum-bum-CHING”

Sorry about that. Couldn’t resist. We hope to go back to Newfoundland some day and not for just 3 days either. Don’t think I’ll try it in the winter though.