It seems avoiding a blog for a couple of years can have predictable results. Not that I had a huge readership to begin with, but my absence has cut it back to zero. It seems a lot of life got in the way and that’s my excuse. How about you? Did you ever start something and then let it die a natural death?

Well, it’s not dead yet since I’ve obviously been paying the monthly hosting fees. So, not promising anything, but I will attempt to get back into the habit of posting on a semi-regular basis. Seems a shame to have a perfectly good blog and not post in it from time to time.

A lot of things have happened over the past couple of year so I shouldn’t have any shortage of things to write about for a while. My post-retirement editing business has been going well and if anyone is interested, they can check out the client testimonials on my other website. Also, there is a page where all the books I’ve edited over the past couple of years are listed and described and available for sale. Some interesting reading there for sure.

Stay tuned, I have lots more to tell you over the weeks ahead.