IMG_6781Anybody recognize this photo? It’s the same location as the one on the my home page. Victoria Park, Truro’s world famous jewel. No lolling around on rustic park benches today though. Couldn’t even find the rustic park benches. They were buried under a couple of meters of snow.

There were a couple of benches still visible.

In fact the trails themselves were a meter  or more above the ground. One sure found that out in a hurry if they stepped off the trail. Sank right to the knee.

But it was a beautiful day, sunny and around 0c and no wind. Lovely day for a walk if you watched your footing carefully and Marilyn and I really enjoyed it.

Marilyn the trooper. Had to get her to lower the camera for this one.

We weren’t the only ones either. Lots of families out with their kids, some couples and even a few old folks like us. Plenty of dogs too, from the large to the vertically challenged. No cats though. Cats don’t seem to be great fanatics for snowy walks in the park.

Victoria Falls was a bit of a disappointment but no doubt it will be back in all it’s glory when all this white stuff melts in the spring. I don’t know if it will be possible to get near it though once the trails soften up.

Victori Falls, Truro, NS
Victoria Falls, Truro, NS

And how does one follow up all this fresh air and exercise? Why an Angus burger of course. Not quite as exciting as the snow packed trails and natures beauty but almost as satisfying.