mcdarchesIn 2007 McDonald’s used the slogan, “Things that make you go ‘mmmm’.” I’m not sure how effective it was for them, and I don’t think they were the first to use that slogan either.

If I were to take on a slogan this week it would be “Things that make you go Hmmmm?”

First was the flyer slipped under our door this morning from the management of our apartment and many others in this town. Among other things they want to entice us to voluntarily sign a lease for another year by offering us a $300 rebate off the first month. Yeah that’ll happen. Why would we sign another years lease when it becomes month to month in May? Amazing that they think we could be bought that cheap.

They are also offering incentives if we refer new renters, as well as a monthly draw among all renters for another $300. That seems to be their magic number. My response will be to write on the back of the brochure and send it back to them. My snarky reply will be…. “Rather than pay us incentives to stay we would be happy if you would simply turn the hot water back on for the washer and fix the dryer so it will dry a pair of jeans in under an hour and a half.”

Holiday & Celebrations

Of course the big item that is making Nova Scotians go Hmmmm in a big way, is how winter continues on as if the first day of spring didn’t already happen ten days ago. Another dump of snow last night and this morning, and still more in the forecast. Obviously we got into someone’s bad books. Maybe we’ll skip spring altogether and go straight into summer one of these days. Yeah right.

We really need to embed all this snow misery deep in our memories so that when we start whining about “too hot” or “too dry” this summer we can cast our minds back, shrug our shoulders and say, “Ummm never mind.”