blog symbol on a roadAt one time I had this blog working pretty smoothly. I’d added plenty of posts over the past year, and then I decided to make some changes with my hosting account.

Of course as usual I neglected to back it up because naturally nothing bad would ever happen to me, right? Wrong. I lost it all so here I am starting it from scratch again.

This time it will be a totally different blog. In the process of deciding that, I had to think of as many reasons for blogging as I could.

Some blog to make money although that takes quite some time and a lot of dedication. Some blog to provide their readers with information, some to entertain and some just for their own amusement.

Well, I’m going to try combining most of those things. Primarily though, I want it to serve as a record of my life, not so much what’s going on today but some of the things I’ve done and seen over the years.

Perhaps this will benefit my children and grand-children. For some  it will be informative and help explain some of the attitudes and beliefs I hold to this day. Some will find it amusing because believe it or not I did have quite a few funny things happen to me over the years.

It will not be in chronological order. I’m going to jump around all over the place and just post things as they occur to me. I will try to tag them with the date and time it happened if my memory will allow it. This way a person could, if they wanted to, sort of piece it all together in an approximation of the order it happened.

In either case I hope it will be entertaining for those who take the time to read it. Please comment or add your thoughts to the posts you find most appealing.


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